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Education provision within residential children's homes is often sub standard, with little or expectation of success, not at Genus Care. We believe firmly that Education is one of the cornerstones to a successful and productive (and happy) future and we take our responsibility towards needing to provide proper and relevant education to our children very seriously. We have registered Genus Education as an Independent School with Estyn and the Welsh Government and as such are visited at least annually as well as being to subject to cyclical inspections (as are all schools, mainstream or independent).

Genus Suni the Bee

This means we can educate children on site in our specialised classrooms up to and including full G.C.S.E level. We also deliver QCF level 3 to pupils over 16 in order to meet their specific needs In addition we are delivering Diploma level 3 to post 16 pupils in order to meet their specific needs. Each classroom is a WJEC examinations centre meaning pupils can sit exams in a proper and correct environment. Each home has a full-time, experienced and qualified teacher who provides education. The timetable is structured to meet the individual needs of the child but always has 'set in stone' components:

  • Full day: 9am – 3pm
  • Full uniform
  • Homework
  • High but realistic expectations
  • Relevant and specific Individual Education Plans (IEP's)

We understand that not all pupils will be able to study for G.C.S.E's which is why we offer a range of other, more specialised routes to qualifications, including Entry Pathways G.C.S.E's. We have such good and wide ranging relationships with local businesses, colleges, schools and youth centres that we are able to integrate all pupils into some sort of relevant, safe and useful external provision at least once a week.

Please click on the other tabs on this page to learn more about our education service. Our term dates are available on request- please email adam.Mainwaring@genuscare.co.uk