Within the world of residential children's homes certain subjects and areas are always important – we hope this page quickly answers any questions you may have:
Tell me about Physical Intervention and Restraint:

Having worked in children's homes for over 35 years combined the owners of Genus Care believe vehemently that physical restraint is over-used generally and is often poorly justified abusive practice which, research has shown, causes long term damage to children. We looked long and hard to find a safe, fair and suitable way to managing challenging behaviour before settling on The Low Arousal Approach developed by Studio 3. This is B.I.L.D accredited training (why, we ask, would anyone place children in homes which do NOT deliver accredited training in this area?) which ensures it is the safest, fairest and most analysed and researched training in the management of challenging behaviour available. We believe firmly in avoiding restraint wherever possible and implement Restraint Reduction programmes into all young people's Personal Plans.

Are you correctly registered and with whom?

All of our homes are registered with the Care Inspectorale Wales (CIW) and are inspected annually. All CIW Inspection reports are available on request - currently we have zero non-compliance notice or requirement issues across all out  homes

Are you correctly insured?

Yes. We hold policies with market leaders in the industry which ensure all of our staff and children, as well as the homes themselves (which are owned 100% by Genus Care) are protected fully. Details are available on request.

What is you staff turnover like?

Extremely low, in an industry which typically has a high turnover. We ensure teams remain constant to one home to encourage ownership and develop relationships between staff and young people and ensure our staff are made to feel valued.

Do you offer Outreach services?

We can and do offer Outreach packages suited to the needs of the young person and their family/ circumstance. This is a non-profit making side of our service as we feel that support upon leaving us is something we have a moral obligation to give all of our young people. This is a service we mostly offer to and for young people who are making the move into a more independent placement.

How do you ensure your homes are checked regularly and correctly?

We have developed the most robust and inwardly challenging Quality Assurance process in line with Regulations 73-78 & 80 of R.I.S.C.A 2016 form to ensure we look inwardly at our homes to ensure they are operating on a level far above a minimum standard. We have a small network of Independent Inspectors who have knowledge and experience across the sector who conduct some of these monthly visits.