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Living With Us

This is for any children and young people who may be thinking about us because your social worker or Mum or Dad might have talked about us with you and about you coming to live with us. Well done for finding our website and checking us out, you should find out everything you can before making such a big step.

We hope this page and the whole website answer some of your questions. Ok, where do we start? Well, we know this is a big deal and that you have questions, worries and other thoughts all going on. Please try not to stress too much ok? We understand how your feeling, some of us have been there too. Here are some of the questions we get asked most by children:

  • Can I have a TV in my room? Yes, of course you can!
  • Can I see my friends/ family/ people who I care about? Yes, so long as it's safe for you to.
  • Do I have to go to school? Yes!
  • How much pocket money do I get? Well, it depends on your age but certainly more than £10 a week is normal.
  • Can I go out? Yes, of course. Again, so long as it's safe for you but we definitely want you to do the things that most other children do.
  • Will you kick me out? No. No-one can move forward with their lives if they're moving around a lot- we'll work with you to make your life better, happier and more successful- we haven't got a secret recipe and it'll only happen if you want it to.
  • Can I have a pet? Yes, within reason though. Most of our children have pets but they're usually quite small and able to live comfortably in a cage or aquarium (the pet, not the children!).

The home you'll live in will have a big TV, DVD player and games console (Xbox, PS, Wii- one or two of those), PC with internet, lots of room and a nice big garden. The staff are all lovely (honestly, they are) and we try to make everything as 'normal' as possible. Your bedroom will be the colours you pick when you come to visit and we try to make it feel like your home, because it is! We'll help you loads and be there when times are tough and tricky as well as when times are brilliant. We go on holiday to a different country once a year and we'll try to do some things which you may not have done before.

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