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Our Teachers

Genus Suni the BeeGenus Education employ a small yet dedicated team of full-time teachers who work exclusively in one home- this means the pupils get to build and form strong and positive relationships with their teacher, something which is crucial in achieving success. They take an active role in the education of all the children living in the home, not just whoever is taught on-site, and and built and maintained strong relationships with professionals within local, mainstream provisions so that we can successfully integrate children back into local mainstream schools whenever possible. All the teachers are qualified and vastly experienced and have recently passed their SEN certificate.

Here are our teachers:

Adam Mainwaring

Hi, my name is Adam, I'm the Lead Teacher at Genus Care and have been with the company since day one in 2010. I always wanted to be a teacher and after studying geography, psychology and sociology at A level went on to get my Degree in Education at Swansea University. I've taught practically every age group in education from Primary school nursery classes all the way up to lecturing students at University. In 2006 I lived and taught in Tokyo for a year and loved the experience. However, the small, relaxed, personal classes we have are by far the most fun to teach in.

I am on the Board of Directors at WISC which means I am kept in the loop with all new developments in and around independent schools in Wales. 

I love animals and take my two dogs, Alaskan Malamutes, to dog shows around the country which they do quite well in. I also really enjoy martial arts; in 2012 I became the double British Kung Fu champion. I hold black belts in Kickboxing, Judo and Kung Fu and teach these in my spare time to adults and children, when I'm not doing this I've normally got my head stuck in a book.

Gareth Davies

Hello there, my name is Gareth and I have been a teacher for 13 years. I started off my career by getting Qualified Teacher Status in a mainstream school in South Wales, and I have been teaching at Genus Care for three years now. I was originally only a maths teacher but now I teach all the subjects and I really enjoy doing this.

I have a degree in statistics and management science and I did my PGCE at Swansea University too. More recently I got a graduate certificate in SEN which makes me a qualified Senco. I teach at our Swansea home, it's a place where we all learn lots, but we also have fun doing it!

My main hobbies are weight training and karate. I used to do karate a long time ago and have recently got back into it, it's a great way of keeping fit! I also love watching football, my favourite team of course is Swansea City. I have two daughters, and a three-legged cat (long story) plus a lovely wife. I also love to watch movies, I think my favourite movie of all time has to be Ghostbusters. When I was little I wanted to be a ghostbuster when I grew up, and I was really disappointed when I found out it's not a real job!

Hannah Davies

My name is Hannah and I am a teacher with Genus Care at Ynys Y Bwt. I qualified as a teacher in 2009 and have worked across South Wales in a variety of schools, including Foundation Phase, Key Stages 2 & 3, Special Educational Needs schools and units.

I have always wanted to be a teacher as I love the energy and passion you can get from children. They are always so imaginative and creative and I love that I can help them realise their potential.

My degree is Fine Art and I always try to encourage my pupils to be expressive and communicate through any medium, whether it's a drawing, a story, music or simply a conversation. I have two young children and a wonderful husband and as a family we enjoy living a healthy lifestyle. I love to cook, read and exercise, as well as socialising with friends as often as possible, creating memories and enjoying every day.