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Working Therapeutically

Genus Care is a therapeutic service and we deliver weekly sessions to each young person aimed at specific areas or issues relevant to that individual- we call this work ‘It’s My Life’. We use a positivist low key approach to challenging behaviour called ‘low arousal’. Low arousal approaches have been academically proven to be successful and emphasise the importance of proper assessments, positive relationships and non-punishment based approaches to managing challenging behaviour.

When Genus Care was set up we didn’t just talk about access to psychological and psychotherapeutic support as a good idea for the future- we wanted input immediately and from an independent service that would give us qualified, authentic support and would work with both staff and young people. We interviewed several companies and individuals and picked Studio 3. As a consequence we have immediate access to a core psychological support team consisting of two Clinical Psychologists, a Specialist Behaviour Support Advisor and a team of Associate and Assistant Psychologists.

We have created a role within each home “It’s My Life Co-ordinator” to ensure that the bespoke, relevant and specific therapeutic work is delivered to each young person routinely and to an outstanding level. These members of the team receive appropriate training and are experienced, long serving member’s of staff with vast knowledge and experience of working with challenging and harmful behaviours.

In our work we use an integrative range of strategies drawn from different psychological and psychotherapeutic approaches.

These include:

  • Anger Management
  • Sexuality and relationships
  • Counselling
  • Alternatives to challenging behaviour
  • Functional analysis
  • Communication
  • Psychometric specialist therapies.

These approaches help us work with young people who:

  • Have drug and alcohol problems
  • Hurt, injure or neglect themselves
  • Have worrying obsessions
  • Are in trouble with the police
  • Have aggressive and violent behaviours
  • Have been victims or perpetrators of sexual abuse or inappropriate sexualised behaviour
  • Have attachment problems
  • Have a developmental disorder, mental health problem or learning disability.


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