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It's My Life!

All of our placements are Therapeutic and we have always strived to find and create work which will engage and develop the children on a specific area. This has led us to buy in resources.

We have bought in resources from all over the world but have still found that it was still difficult to find work which really hit the nail on the head. To solve this we have worked alongside Studio to develop and write the only resource pack written specifically for children in residential care. We decided to give the therapeutic work we delivered on a regular basis an umbrella name and settled on 'It's My Life' (a name one of our team came up with). We believe so strongly in the value of formal therapeutic work and our resource packs in particular that we have made them free to download (please see below for more details).

Our team of carers deliver this work as they have the best relationships with the children and are able to put it into to context more easily for them.

This is a resource that should have been written years ago- it is the ONLY resource of it's kind in the UK that has been written and developed specifically for children and young people living in Residential Care."

These resources are free to download - if they can help anyone help a child or young person then that's fine by us! All we ask is that you drop us an email at gareth@genuscare.co.uk to request permission to download and use (we'll always say yes) with a little bit about who you are. These are only conditions for free usage. If you'd like the bespoke storage folders then please email that same address and we'll send them to you at cost price

Print off in colour (don't be tight!) and get to work!

Thanks and good luck

It's My Life is an integrated therapeutic approach for young people with emotional and behavioural problems that places an emphasis on young people and trained staff developing a positive relationship and using it to work together to make things better. Each young person placed with us takes part in an It's My Life programme specifically tailored for their needs- a psychotherapeutic programme based on person centred, cognitive behavioural and solution focused counselling approaches. The core programme consistently acknowledges the progress made by the young person. It's My Life is run through weekly formal sessions and ongoing and daily informal work by our trained staff under the supervision of a qualified BACP Psychotherapist and Psychologist, with a Consultant Clinical Psychologist also available if needed.

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