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What We Offer

Our classrooms are fully resourced and modern, with touch screen interactive monitors, a PC for each pupil, tablets plus appropriate books, games and other learning equipment. All classrooms have a 'school pet' and the environment is always warm, clean and welcoming. The teachers in each home run a weekly After School Club which involves all the children in the home as well as organising school photos, Sports Day and Awards Ceremonies. Termly progress reports are written and sent out to the relevant people.

As a specialist team within Genus Care, the teachers work alongside the Head of Education and the Directors to ensure we offer relevant, focused and high quality education but that the experience is one that is positive, fun and rewarding for our pupils. We encourage innovative approaches to education and operate stringent internal Quality Assurance inspections every half term.

Specialised IEP's ensure all pupils are being focused on and that the right areas are being addressed. We complete routine Assessments on all pupils and share this information with the home and the care team, ensuring the school/ home link is strong and mutually helpful.